Hiking in Val Poschiavo - a World of Discovery and Adventure!

...between legend and nature

Val Poschiavo is the southernmost of 150 valleys of the canton of Graubünden. Right next to the italien border it offers one of the most diverse landscapes of Switzerland. Our forests and alpine pastures are maintained with passion.

Numerous  hiking trails lead through the beautiful countryside, passing along breath taking beautiful natural views, cultural monuments, churches and other mountain hostels such as San Romerio.

Old Smugglers Trail

Hiking on the old smugglers trail (Sentiro dei Contrabbandieri) you can reach the Italian village of Baruffini, a typical village of the Veltlin region. Until the 1970s smugglers were transporting coffee and cigarettes from Switzerland to the Italian Valtellina on this route.

Through vineyards and fruit orchards, the trail leads down into the town of Tirano.

Guided Tour to the Eagle's Nest

In Puschlav there are two eagle couples each occupying several nests. They change the location several times a year depending on the available food.

Two eagle nests are within the vicinity of San Romerio, one above, one below our alp. The distance to be traveled is about 45 minutes. In summer, the Eagles have (depending on the food stock) offspring.

Please contact us if interested, Gino Bongulielmi will happily be your guide.

Walking Routes via Alp San Romerio

San Romerio is crossed by two hiking trails: the  Via Alpina and the  Via Valtellina.

The Via Alpina leads from Monaco to Trieste.

Via Valtellina goes from Schrunz (Austria) through Switzerland to Italy, it is the ancient trading route of the famous Veltlin wine, passing three national, linguistic and cultural regions.

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Summer Sledding on Alp San Romerio

view over the valley

Besides the possibilities of hiking, the Puschlav region is famous for it's especially built mountainbike trails.

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