The small church on San Romerio

History of the San Romerio Church

The nave of the little church of San Romerio ("San Rumeri" in the dialect of the Puschlav) was built in the 11th century. Choir and tower were added in the 15th to 16th century.

The simple church was first mentioned in 1055, located on an important hem road in a scenic magnificent location, 800m above Lake Poschiavo in an altitude of 1.800 meters. In time, a monastery and a hospice were created, inhabited by monks and nuns. The alp became an important and popular place for centuries which was frequented by a vast variety of people.

The small romanesque church stands on the precipice of a hard rock slide. It is under the protection of the monuments of the canton of Grisons and taken care of by the monument conservation department of the community of Brusio. It belongs to the diocese of the catholic church of Milan Madonna di Tirano.

Through a small window, a ray of sunlight shines into the church exactly on the 1st of October, the day of St. Remigius. Only in 1998 and by chance frescoes from the 11th century were discovered on the opposite wall of the window, which are illuminated by the sunlight.

The key to the small church is kept in the San Romerio hostel, where you are welcome to ask for it when interested in visiting the church.

History of the Mountain Hostel

Gino Bonguliemi:

Since 1829 alp San Romerio is owned by the Bongulielmi family.

As the youngest of seven children of my family, I inherited the alp from my uncle (again the youngest child in his family). The mountain shelter was a very simple house which I have restored over the last 25 years.

Originally there was already a hostel (Italian: Xenodocio) maintained on the premises. My desire was to keep up this hostel for generations to come.

Festa di San Romerio

Every year on the last sunday of july the festival of San Romerio is traditionally celebrated.

Your Wedding at San Rumeri?

The little church at 800m above the Poschiavo Lake is a romantic venue for special weddings. Upon request we can help you with the organization.

Alphorn on San Romerio