Mountainbiking in Val Poschiavo / San Romerio

Next to hiking, the Puschlav is attractive for mountain biking, various tours are offering you the unique chance to get to know the beautiful valley on the bike.

Take a rest on the alp San Romerio, from here you can enjoy the unique view over the whole Puschlav and the Lake Poschiavo.

We're also a Bike Hotel

For many years already, the refuge of San Romerio is a registered bike hotel.

We're offering:

∙ Garage for your mountain bike
∙ Tools for emergency repairs on site
∙ Info Point Alta Rezia "Bike Hotel"
∙ Information and tips for trips
∙ Bike wash

Bikers in front of the chapel of San Romerio

Tour: Bernina Express

This absolute dream of a tour combines almost all of the trails in Valposchiavo - 16.6 km of rideable trail - where else could you find this in one tour? You don't have to work yourself up all the way until the altitude of over 3000 meters, there are also trains going to Passo Bernina Tirano and back to Poschiavo. 

Without the helpful train there are only 1400 meters in height, but 3400 meters of descent. From Passo Bernina the tour includes the Sentiero storico, the church of San Romerio and crosses Viano and finally the continues along the old smugglers trail, down to Tirano. (source:

Impressions from San Romerio