Ristoro San Romerio

There is a spacious hall with 80 seats for our guests. Additionally available there is a beautiful sun terasse for groups or events.

On our menu you will find hearty regional dishes from the Puschlav:

Polenta with various meats, risotto, vegetables and meat roasted on the piöda (hot stone), lüganighi (sausage from Puschlav), homemade: Taiadin (wide noodles) and much more.

We also offer natural salads with alpine herbs from our own paradise garden.

The food menu changes daily, please order grilled specialties from the hot stone in advance.

Natural Alpine Salad

Polenta San Romerio

We prepare the San Romerio polenta with corn and buckwheat flour.

It is cooked on the wood fire. A proper alpine polenta needs at least 1.5 hours of cooking time and has to be stirred regularily.

Most importantnot only with the polenta but with all our dishes is that we prepare them with love for our guests.

Paradise Garden

More about our garden

We Serve Daily

∙ Regional cold meats and dishes

∙ Cheese specialties from the region

∙ Salads

∙ Hot and cold drinks

∙ Wine and beer

Upon Reservation

∙ Local cuisine prepared on the open fire

∙ Mixed grill specialties from the stone plate

∙ Meat & vegetables fried on serpentine stone from Puschlav

∙ Costine (pork ribs)

∙ Ragout with polenta

∙ Polenta with sausages

∙ Polenta with mushrooms


Homemade Grappa

We create our house-grappa  from Grappa from Veltlin and green San Romerio pinecones after a secret recipe.

The San Romerio grappa has matured during 90 days of sunshine.

More about our specialities

Polenta San Romerio

Your Host: Gino Bongulielmi

About your Hosts

Terasse in the Sun

Upon Reservation: Grilled Specialities

Homemade Pasta

Our different pastas are home-made from a traditional blend of regional flours, served with potatoes and vegetables coming from our garden.